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Piggy (2012) - HD 1080p

Rating: 5.9

Piggy is a Christmas film for the entire family. The short film is based on R.S.Söderström's graduation film "Christmas Piggy" ("Julegrisen", The National Film school of Denmark 2010). The year is 1935, it is a cold December morning. On a farm a piglet, Piggy, is sold to a man from the city. Piggy's new home is a cold and desolate attic room in Copenhagen. Here the pig exercises its appetite more regularly than its brain larger, and doesn't realize that the good food it continuously gulps down will make it Christmas Eve's main course. Piggy doesn't understand this till freedom fighter Monty the turkey turns up and explains. Together they work out a plan to flee. The two have become best friends in the attic, and finally escape but - but not the way they expected. IMDb