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Come Out Fighting (2022) - HD 1080p

Rating: 6.4

This war torn group drama is about an American Soldier who gets lost in battle unfortunately the American ends up being chased by a ruthless German pilot while orders are being made on-ground from American headquarters, this causes friction within the cockpit and each American soldier gets shot down one-by-one, but one American Soldier stays ahead from the flock. He ends in german territory and starts boycotting each german patrol with scattled knives, knifes and other weaponry. The American starts a flock shooting a German but that is faulty as each German sees and hears this and along with a Germany strike against this pilot he decides to go for broke and runs away from the treacherous battle and as he witnesses an honor killing, he reaches a lone American struggling to survive on his own in the harsh Germany wilderness they end with forming another alliance to battle and even kill their german enemies just to survive in the environment. He rescues a black soldier from germans and tank weapons, upon entering Germany they discover germans are killing everything they wield and touch, including American soldiers. With the helm of the American population hanging off balance will these unfriendly Americans become mortal friends as they each team-up in the most anticipated air battle in USA aviation history, involving air-canons, battle bullets, air calvary, loaded guns and also some hard-work and some gumption. Will the strong survive in this high-octane action adventure-thriller? IMDb